Our Conviction

Premium Coffee With Conviction

There's a lot of love that goes into each cup of G4C coffee that you drink.

Every single step in the process matters, from farmers using ethical and organic practices, to the art of roasting the beans, to the preparation of a good cup of coffee, and to know that by drinking it, you're investing back into the coffee farms and communities to ensure that the good coffee keeps coming and continues to improve.

This is our conviction.

A Higher Standard

We believe that Fair Trade or Direct Trade aren't always doing enough for coffee communities.

Our Coffee Conviction Is Simple.

- Acquire premium ethically grown coffee.

- Carefully slow roast it to perfection for optimal flavors.

- Provide it to individuals, businesses, and churches to enjoy.

- Invest intentionally back into the farmers and communities.

Local Love

As a coffee company, we do our best to find and help organizations doing good in our city and the places our great coffee beans comes from.

We were thrilled to partner with Victory Church and nominate one of our devote customers to receive some Radical Generosity. Doing good and being generous should never go unappreciated.